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Nik Rael - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Blues Harp



Nik Rael has been singing and making music ever since he can remember. A founding member of Headsoup, a 90’s era psychedelic reggae-rock trio from Philadelphia, he released two studio albums with the band before striking out on his own in New York. After being signed by the independent Bermuda Reef Records, Nik recorded Worlds Fade Away in 2003 with noted producer and Van Morrison guitarist, John Platania, gaining him international airplay and recognition as a songwriter. In 2011, again with Platania, Rael released Winter ’61 a Bob Dylan tribute which landed him a 30 minute live special on 90.7 FM WFUV’s Sunday breakfast with Jonathan Platt as well as a headlining spot at Dylanfest, a Bob Dylan based music festival in Warwick, NY. Currently Nik performs regularly in the NY area in various configurations. Sometimes solo, sometimes a duo with guitarist Joe Plum, and often as a front man for the band Radio Flyer.

Dave Kerzner - Lead Guitar and Vocals

Dave Kerzner has been a regular  and sub with Radio Flyer on and off for the last 6 or 7 years.  He always brings his significant expertise on guitar to bear through all of our varied repertoire choices while still being able to make these parts his own.  Dave is always fun to listen to and has great stage performance skills as well. 

Howie Sperling - Keyboards and Vocals


Radio Flyer’s keyboardist Howie Sperling is a valued member of the band and has a varied and rich background in the music business.  In addition to his involvement with “RF”, Howie has been the pianist for ‘High Five’ an award winning theatrical vocal group and winners of the 2012 Jazz Forum Arts competition.  Additionally, Howie fills the keyboard chair for “Reflections”, a 20 piece Big Band Orchestra which performs within the tri-state area and other jazz ensembles within the tri-state area. 

Howie has also: 

  • Provided private musical instruction on the keyboard as well as the guitar, bass guitar and banjo for over 10 years

  • Performed as a solo pianist and within a group setting for society functions, clubs, restaurants and affairs for over 20 years in and around the tri-state area

  • Served as keyboardist for Cabaret performances of various acts; vocal, comedy, dance within clubs and various venues

  • Wrote commercial jingles within a Production Company specializing in musical marketing promotions

  • Served as Assistant Musical Director and performed as keyboardist in the Off Broadway production of “I Take These Women”     

 And if that is not enough, Howie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music as well as a Master of Science degree in Computer Science.

Barry Wiesenfeld - Bass Guitar, Lead and Backup Vocals

Barry Wiesenfeld is a freelance musician, a published author and is on the music faculty of SUNY and Ramapo College. He has accompanied Grammy-winning artists, performed on three continents, and has played on numerous recordings on radio and TV.  We are so glad that Barry had chosen to bring this all of this experience as well as a great singing voice to Radio Flyer.  What a great addition!




Dave Fox - Saxophones & Blues Harp



Dave has been honkin' his way through night clubs since he was too young to be in those establishments legally. Influenced by rock and roll sax men like Grady Gaines, Sam "The Man" Taylor and the great Mr. Lee Allen (hardly house-hold names), as opposed to the "road more traveled" giants like John Coltrane and Charlie Parker, Dave's approach to playing both sax and blues harp is to find the note in a phrase that makes one's soul ache and milk it for all it's worth. He is thrilled to have found his way into Radio Flyer and looks forward to all of the bands upcoming gigs. When not Flyin' with RF he also appears with the legendary Kick Start Charlie, Sundog, a band he has been with for some 35 years as well as The Declan Powers Project, Inside Straight (a country western band that he co-founded), Al Mann and The River's Edge Band and the classic Disco band, Dancing Machine, soon to be debuted.

Mark H. Schaeffer - Drums, Percussion & Vocals


Mark Schaeffer got his first pair of sticks, a drum pad and basic drumming book from his Father at the age of five.  Playing the “Tom-Tom” and triangle in kindergarden lit a spark in Mark that exists to this day.  Hearing the likes of Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa on his Mother’s “78’s” turned that spark into a roaring flame!  Mark knew the drums were for him.

In his teens, Mark played with bands in Brooklyn and went on to play wedding gigs, club dates and many popular New York City clubs.  One of his fondest memories is recording a demo for RCA Records with his band Legion in 1977 at Electric Lady Studios.  The famed NYC studio owned by the late Jimi Hendrix.

Mark’s varied style is reminiscent of many of his drumming idols including Rich, Bellson, Roach, Williams, Bonham, Seraphine, Palmer, Gadd, Beauford, Colaiuta, Weckl and many more.

Mark Founded Radio Flyer in 2001.