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Dave Fox - Saxophones & Blues Harp



Dave has been honkin' his way through night clubs since he was too young to be in those establishments legally. Influenced by rock and roll sax men like Grady Gaines, Sam "The Man" Taylor and the great Mr. Lee Allen (hardly house-hold names), as opposed to the "road more traveled" giants like John Coltrane and Charlie Parker, Dave's approach to playing both sax and blues harp is to find the note in a phrase that makes one's soul ache and milk it for all it's worth. He is thrilled to have found his way into Radio Flyer and looks forward to all of the bands upcoming gigs. When not Flyin' with RF he also appears with the legendary Kick Start Charlie, Sundog, a band he has been with for some 35 years as well as The Declan Powers Project, Inside Straight (a country western band that he co-founded), Al Mann and The River's Edge Band and the classic Disco band, Dancing Machine, soon to be debuted.