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Mark H. Schaeffer - Drums, Percussion & Vocals


Mark Schaeffer got his first pair of sticks, a drum pad and basic drumming book from his Father at the age of five.  Playing the “Tom-Tom” and triangle in kindergarden lit a spark in Mark that exists to this day.  Hearing the likes of Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa on his Mother’s “78’s” turned that spark into a roaring flame!  Mark knew the drums were for him.

In his teens, Mark played with bands in Brooklyn and went on to play wedding gigs, club dates and many popular New York City clubs.  One of his fondest memories is recording a demo for RCA Records with his band Legion in 1977 at Electric Lady Studios.  The famed NYC studio owned by the late Jimi Hendrix.

Mark’s varied style is reminiscent of many of his drumming idols including Rich, Bellson, Roach, Williams, Bonham, Seraphine, Palmer, Gadd, Beauford, Colaiuta, Weckl and many more.

Mark Founded Radio Flyer in 2001.